About Our Mission

Don’t You Want To? is a design-based youth voting campaign aimed at getting college students to become more active and engaged citizens. We hope to use design to go where grassroots organizing and volunteer based registration campaigns cannot. With positive messaging, energetic design, and strategic promotion, we hope to engage youth voters across the country about the importance of using their right to vote.

Don’t You Want To does not support any candidate or political party. Our aim is to encourage students to take part in the voting process in whatever manner they choose.

Why This is Important

In the past few elections, the number of college-age people going to the voting booths has gone up, but it is still only 49%, the lowest of all the age demographics. That means there are over 21,560,000 18-24 year olds that could vote, but don’t. This age group has the potential to redirect dialogue among politicians to issues we care about, but only if we show up to the booths and make a stand.

While voting is only one small step, it works towards creating a culture of youth that take social, economic and political issues seriously. Voting in the presidential election is an accessible way to create dialogue around important issues that affect all American citizens. Through a design campaign, planned events, and an online presence, this project hopes to harness the power of what could be the strongest voting demographic in history.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in promoting our campaign at your school please contact us! Don’t You Want To is happy to partner with any partisan or nonpartisan organizations from any college or university. For distribution on campuses our designs will be made available for free or for minimal costs.

If you go to MICA and are interested in helping with registration drives and events, please contact us!

About Us

Aviva and Jianna

Aviva and Jianna are seniors at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Jianna is majoring in graphic design with a dual concentration in printmaking and bookmaking. Aviva is currently a painting major, but after this campaign she could probably graduate as a graphic designer too. Aviva has the greenest thumb in the world, can be impressively alert at 8 am, and lately dreams about voting in her sleep. Jianna is an expert Christmas cookie decorator, enjoys fantasizing about fonts, and is voting for the first time in this election.

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